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Subject: breakfast
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 10:28:49 +0200
From: "Treptow Tom" <>

Brunch. Sounds great and thanks for the invitation. We shall see what the weekend brings. First I must do something to or for or with my wife. For more than a week she has been infected with an eastern disease called "Rammstein" and they are performing soon. She heard some single on the radio, asked me to buy the CD and when I called later she wanted to know if I had picked it up. I confessed that I had forgotten. When I came home that evening at 9:30 the distant thump thump thudd thud could be heard. The three canaries looked to me as I entered the living room. Brigitte was lumbering around to the deafening sounds of Rammstein. She played it loud again explaining all the subtleties and psychological insight. Finally she sat down and turned down the music. All good things end. The fact that there are no tickets available hasn't dampened her hopes of seeing the group and actually all things considered it would probably be the simplest if we are able to get a ticket for Friday's concert at the Velodrome. This might save us from going to Erfurt or London where there are apparently still tickets available

Everything seems to be a hopping, budding, blossoming -- this week six friends have birthdays three of which are upset that others are having their parties on the same day they are having their garden party. I don't have to say that the parties aren't in Treptow ("Who lives in Treptow anyway?") but are in far away places like Schwantau and Groß-Glienicke often necessitating travel by express buses or regional trains. So it all starts this coming Friday and continues until Sunday evening. So why not do a brunch too.



Betreff: Lunte on Wednesday
Datum: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 10:25:03 +0100
Von: "Treptow Tom" <>

Good morning,
the last time in America, my sister confided her secret for handling things: have a number of excuses on hand to deal with situations. Thanks to my friends and acquaintances, I'm not obliged to invent any. Last Tuesday my friend U. called to ask me to drop him off at the train station Wednesday morning and, although I did mention that I was planning to go the court that morning, I relented to take him to the station. It was about 12 o'clock the following morning when he called again to infom me that his employer hadn't granted his request for holidays and he felt necessitated to go the doctor and apply for sick leave. Most of my friends could certainly qualify for this option most of the time and besides delays are often common in such matter. When he called the following morning complaining of a toothache, I was more than understanding. After all, what is more human than to develop a severe toothache prior to commencement of one's holidays. And his departure would be delayed until later that afternoon. "Did I happen to be free that afternoon?" "No, I had a date that I couldn' postpone." We decided the best solution would be for him to drop the car off at my place and take the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof. Later he rang my on my cell phone, explaining that the time factor being what it was, he'd slipped the keys in an envelope and posted them with a note. "Would I be able to swing by the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek or Staatsbibliothek in Breitestraße and drop off some books and CDs and he had purchased some new seat covers for the front and back seats, which he didn't get around to putting on...Would I mind?"

Then there were a couple weeks taken up by the Filmfestival. As you probably know, Brigitte likes to attend these festivals, which accounted for a few more Wednesday sessions and weekends are best spent under my down, which is something that you probably never knew about Brigitte.

At any rate that is the status. And this coming thursday we will be heading to Bad Freienwalde for three weeks in a rehabilitation center to cure our old bones, receive massages, physical therapy and won't have to think about what to eat, go shopping, cook the meals, but merely appear in our stunning wellness outfits in the cafeteria. We are looking forward to this time of recuperation and I am looking forward to hearing about Werther tomorrow.

See you tomorrow and thanks for the special invitation.


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